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Tests conducted on food prepared the ordinary way, showed food shrinkage for loss of meats to be 33% (1/3) and a loss of vegetables of 50% (1/2), while at the same time 50-80% of the nutrition being destroyed. In Saladmaster, food shrinkage was only 2% in vegetables and 5% in meats with an average of 93% nutrition retention. We teach you it’s not what you cook so much as how you prepare your food that protects the nutrition in your food.


What you will learn from our dinner show:

Cut your kitchen time in HALF

Retain an average of 93% nutritional value in your food

Cook low fat, low cholesterol and heart healthy meals which help
you look better, feel better and live longer

Feed your family guilt free

Different ways to get your children to eat fruits and vegetables

Make an excellent Part-Time income

Money and time saving tips while enjoying a free catered meal


The Menu

Peas, Corn, Cabbage, Carrots

6 Ingredient Fresh Salad (From Scratch)

Diabetic / Heart-Smart Friendly Potatoes

Crispy Fried Chicken (With NO oil or batters)

“Guilt-Free” Chocolate Salad Cake (with NO oil, baked WITHOUT an oven)


Relax, sit back and enjoy your night out of the kitchen. This is a great chance to enjoy healthy, fantastic tasting food, good company and a night out of the kitchen while seeing the Saladmaster Cookware line in action! We bring all of the food, clean up after ourselves and leave you with a brochure in case you ever wanted to update your kitchen with our products.


All that we ask is that you have a great time, laugh at our jokes, eat our food, and if you like what you see we would appreciate you telling your friends and family for us!