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Exciting Career Opportunities

The Opportunity – Timing is Everything!
The “Wellness” Industry is exploding! People are looking for ways to look better, feel better, and live longer thus making the Health and Nutrition Industry a multi-trillion dollar industry as more people seek to become healthier everyday. Our health is in a state of emergency.

statsbarShocking Statistics

Millions of North Americans are literally hurting themselves by using the wrong type of cookware. Find out the shocking statistics and why becoming a Saladmaster Representative is an extremely lucrative business. MORE…





Business Support for the Life Of Your Career

Our training and support programs are some of the best in the industry. This high standard of excellence combined with our teams hands on experience in the field is a sure way to your quick success. MORE…





Recognition and Compensation Programs

You work hard to succeed, we know this. The Saladmaster® recognition program treats you like the professional and champion that you are. MORE…