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Saladmaster Differences

waist2 Saladmaster Preserves Your HEALTH
Water free means more vitamins, minerals, and enzymes, less fat, less salt, less supplements – Greater Health! Less processed and convenience foods mean Better Health. Eating out often means more grease, fat, salt, sugar, flour, and calories. No grease means less burns and fires. Saladmaster’s 316L Surgical Stainless Steel means no chemical or physical reaction between the food and the cookware – Greater Health!



stopwatch Spend Your TIME The Way You Want
Saladmaster Versa Tec Health System allows you to spend less time in the kitchen, and more time doing the things you love to do. The advanced semi- vacuum system shortens cooking time up to 50% and eliminates the need for “pot watching” and stirring which frees you from the kitchen. This all-in-one system also saves time in cleaning by eliminating the need for separate utensils for cooking, serving and storage.




temcontrol Saladmaster Versa Tec Health Systems
Save Energy And Money
The Saladmaster Versa Tec Health System features a perfect marriage of metals, which provide the best heat conduction in the industry. Heat is transmitted throughout – surrounding, tenderizing and cooking food. From the sides, top and bottom evenly. This engineering feature enables foods to be cooked at lower settings and in less time than traditional cookware, increasing energy savings up to 70%. Meatloaf, baked potatoes, cake, turkey, roast and casseroles can be cooked on the stovetop rather than oven cooking which requires more energy and longer cooking times. The Saladmaster Versa Tec Health System may be stacked in order to cook multiple dishes using only one burner. In addition, the all-in-one design allows cooking, serving and storage in the same utensil.


 house Saladmaster Saves You Money
Saladmaster saves you food dollars because there is little or no food shrinkage, so you are able to buy less. Ordinarily, when you cook meat there is a 33% average loss (University of Kansas and Wisconsin) and when cooking vegetables ordinarily, there is a 50% average loss (University of Kansas).Cooking is the Saladmaster Semi-Vacuum tenderizes the foods in their own natural juices. Cheaper meats cook more tender and can now replace expensive cuts. Less money is now spent on condiments, coatings, and seasonings as Saladmaster maintains the vitamin, minerals, and flavor. Preparation and cleanup is easier and food is more attractive and flavorful which allows you the benefit of reducing the amount of processed and convenience foods in your diet which saves you money. By not peeling vegetables or cooking in water, you get the added nutrition out of your food.


 powertgraph Power Smart Saves
“Power Smart Saves” is a strong statement for a very unique program. Simply stated, if you are “smart” using power you will save. It’s that simple. Your time, energy, and money can be affected by using the Power Smart Program.This program was developed in 1989 by a power company in the Province of British Columbia. This program was a result of the commitment of a company called BC Hydro and Power Authority, better known as BC Hydro.The legacy of the company began back in 1860 with the Victoria Gas Company. It was not until 23 years later when they first turned BC’s lights on. BC Hydro has evolved over the years from setting out to build the first hydroelectric plant in 1898 to 32 hydroelectric facilities and serving more than 1.5 million customers. They are committed to providing the energy needed to fuel the economic growth of the province. They are also living up to their special responsibility as an economic, social, and environmental leader.BC Hydro’s mission is to provide integrated energy solutions to customers in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. Keeping their mission in mind, they developed the “Power Smart Program”. This program recognizes products that can save you energy, time, and help make your home more comfortable. These products are tested and researched by Powertech Labs, a subsidiary of BC Hydro. The manufacturers of the products must meet BC Hydro’s stringent standards before earning the privilege of using the Power Smart Label. Products bearing the Power Smart Label are among the most energy efficient of their kind on the market. Night lights, timers, weather-stripping, windows, and motion detectors are among some of the energy efficient Power Smart product list. There are so many benefits of Power Smart products. While they may initially appear more expensive, the improved comfort and increased savings will be quickly noticeable.Saladmaster Dealer Doug Isaac proposed to Saladmaster and BC Hydro that Saladmaster was the type of product that BC Hydro should recognize as a Power Smart product. Mike Stephens, an Electrical Research Technologist from the Powertech Labs, along with Doug Isaac preformed the testing. They made electrical energy consumption measurements for some comparative cooking tests involving Saladmaster stovetop cookware versus traditional oven cooking methods. The tests were performed on a standard residential stove. Only one test was performed at a time. This was to insure that electrical consumption was measured for each test individually. The electrical measurements were made at the main electrical feed to the stove. The final internal temperature of the cooked food was measured using a precision temperature meter and probe.The following is the results of the test on a Roast Beef cooked in a conventional oven:Initial Roast Weight: 1.420 kg
Elapsed Cooking Time: 2.2 Hours
Final Internal Cooked Temperature: 162° F (72.2° C)
Total Electrical Energy Used: 1.504 kilo Watt-hours

The following is the results of the test on the Roast Beef cooked in Saladmaster Cookware on a Stovetop Element:

Initial Roast Weight: 1.390 kg
Elapsed Cooking Time: 38 minutes
Final Internal Cooked Temperature: 187.2°F (86.2°C)
Total Electrical Energy Used: 0.449 kilo Watt-hours

The differences between the two methods of cooking were significant. The amount of energy used to cook a roast in a conventional oven was much higher than the Saladmaster stovetop method. The cooking time took significantly longer to cook in the oven. The Saladmaster cooking method consumed less electrical energy than a conventional oven when food of a similar nature was cooked to an equivalent internal temperature. In conclusion, these tests proved scientifically that Saladmaster cookware saves significant time in food preparation, dramatically decreases the amount of energy used in food preparation, and improves the quality of the food prepared when compared to oven preparations.

Saladmaster is proud to be a BC Hydro Power Smart approved product.