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I purchased the Saladmaster system strictly for the health benefits. I have studied nutrition for years and know that the level of nutrients in our food today has become so limited. Even though I buy fresh from the organic farms as much as possible the nutrients available in our foods today have significantly decreased. Spinach grown in 1953 had approximately 10 times as much iron as spinach grown today!! Knowing that the foods in the grocery stores have no where near the nutritional value as they should the mere thought of reducing the nutrients more is extremely disturbing to me.

As the parent of five children the health and well being of those children is my number one priority and I personally feel my responsibility. Anything that I can do to hope ensure optimum health and nutrition for my family I will do it. So although it was explained very clearly that I could save 20% on my food and energy bill per month that was not the motivating factor for me. Saving money was an interesting added bonus, but I wasn’t sure that I believed my growing teenage children and their many friends would actually eat less just because the food tasted better and contained more nutrients. Boy was I WRONG!

It took my husband and myself about four weeks to stop overcooking! Everyone was loving the meals, but we were getting all these left overs. We couldn’t believe how much less we needed to cook and yet everyone was full!!! We still find it hard to understand. The children just love the food and even they notice the difference in taste.

The decrease in the volume of food we were all eating was of great interest to me, so to try to understand this; my husband and I researched this further. We concluded two possible reasons:

1. Since this system doesn’t cause as much shrinkage to the food there is physically more bulk to the food, thus causing us to eat less.
2. Since there is significantly more taste and nutritional content in the food, our body gets the nutrients it needs and is satisfied faster.

Another added benefit to this is, you eat less, so less calories and easier weight control.

I strongly recommend the Saladmaster cooking system. As stated above my decision was solely based on the health value it offered. The fact that there is a noticeable savings in our grocery & utility bill is an added bonus. This system really does pay for itself.



Stacey Scott





Let me begin by saying that when I decided to go to a Saladmaster party, my husband and I firmly agreed that we would not get manipulated into buying anything because we did not want to get ourselves caught up in any sort of gimmick.

As our host went through the many details regarding Saladmaster’s guarantees and then the food demonstration, at that point both my husband and I were sure this was something that we wanted to invest our money into.

I have grown to love my Saladmaster and stand behind it 100%. Saladmaster has brought our family so much in terms of healthy eating, time efficiency and even savings. Before Saladmaster, our families eating habits on busy days consisted of fast food restaurants, Mr. Noodle soup, Kraft dinner, late night dinners and eating in the car. Now, we have time to quickly whip something a lot healthier and in only 25-30 min’s our family can now sit down together and enjoy a meal that better equips our body and mind. Also, with no food shrinkage, our food goes much further which also helps reduce food costs. An extra bonus is that the food tastes absolutely wonderful. To have the natural flavors and nutrients that are so rich and tasty that there is no need for all that salt and “extras” that many of us would find ourselves adding in order to enhance any flavor possible. I feel fuller, healthier and efficient as a mother and wife who is providing good wholesome food to her family.

As an extra bonus, the clean up is so quick and easy that it makes cooking enjoyable because you don’t dread the clean up afterwards. Amazingly, my husband now enjoys cooking because there is no threat of burning the food! I also love the fact that I can use my stainless steel cooking utensils knowing that I am not damaging the surface of the pots and pans because I can make it shiny as new again, and are ensured that no nasty substances are being added to my meals because of the surface being scratched.

Thank you Saladmaster for your product; it is truly something that we highly recommend as a great investment for your family’s cooking.

Melissa McVety





My husband and I bought our Saladmaster set about 3.5 years ago when we found out that we were pregnant with our first child. I was impressed with the potential health benefits of eliminating many toxins from entering our bodies and our baby’s developing body through our food, and becoming healthier by eliminating oil and fats in our cooking.

When our little girl was getting ready to try solid foods, I felt that the best foods to introduce to here would be ones that are made from fresh foods, prepared naturally without any additives. I decided to undertake making all her foods myself. It turned out to be the best choice we could have made. Not only was our Saladmaster cookware able to give us the most healthfully prepared foods for our little one, we also saved a lot of money by not buying commercially prepared foods.

Also, making the baby food was easy. We simply bought fresh organic produce, “medium, click, low” until soft, and finally mashed it to the right consistency. To store extra baby food, we used an ice-cube tray and filled each cube with food and put it in the freezer. Once frozen, we simply popped out the cubes and stored them in freezer bags in the freezer until we were ready to use them within the next couple of weeks.

Now, after the birth of our second child, we are looking forward to being able to provide him with the same kinds of naturally prepared baby foods as his sister had.

Corey Zylstra





We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and the meal you prepared for us. What an education on cookware! We in turn, thought you might be interested in knowing (for future reference at your dinner parties) that the cost of tools accrued by a mechanic is considerably greater than one might expect.

In our fuel and lubrication additive business we deal with mechanics every day and it is not uncommon for them to have an average of $40,000 tied up in their tools. Some have over $100,000 invested and it is rare to find someone with a collection of less than $20,000 in tools.

Of course, that is their livelihood. But then, eating is a necessity and there is no substitute for home-cooked meals (especially when faced with all of the health risks of today). We would never ask a mechanic to do his job with just a hammer, a screwdriver and a pair of pliers, because the amount of time it would take him would push the labor costs through the roof and the safety of the passengers of the vehicles would be highly questionable.

I, for one, am very thankful they care enough to do the job right (for people they don’t even know) that they will spend the amount needed for the correct instruments. How much more so should we give a cook the proper “tools” to provide healthy meals for the ones they love on a daily basis? Thank you for opening our eyes to the benefits of quality cookware.

Matthew & Kimberly Duell





It was a pleasure to have you in our home demonstrating the Saladmaster line of cookware. Besides being an enjoyable evening, it was most informative as you truly proved the benefits of the Saladmaster method of cooking.

Decreased cooking times, decreased volumes of ingredients and, most importantly, a healthier way of consuming one’s food. It makes perfect sense that the last item to touch one’s food should not be contaminated by copper, iron or a variety of harmful elements that have been boiled or cooked into our food over the years.

As a physician and, particularly a parent, I am convinced that using our Saladmaster cookware will not only reduce the stress of preparing meals, but will also provide my family with a healthier life-style. There are so many harmful contaminants already in our environment, why add more to the body by cooking them into our food?!

I have no hesitation in recommending the Saladmaster Cooking System.

Yours very truly,
Dr. Alan J. Brookstone



Dear Saladmaster Gang,


I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much my family and I enjoy Saladmaster. Melinda Bell put on an excellent presentation and after the dinner we were sold on your product.

I really like the health benefits that Saladmaster offers. My wife and I really didn’t enjoy cooking so we ate out a lot. My side of the family has a history of high cholesterol and it is pretty hard finding a restaurant that offers low fat food. Now that we have Saladmaster cooking is so easy and fun, I can’t remember the last time we ate out!

The most exciting aspect of Saladmaster is that my energy level has picked up 100%. Our son J.R. is two and a half years old and it takes a lot of energy and time to keep up with his schedule. I feel like I need 36 hours in a day. The way I feel after eating meals prepared in Saladmaster the standard 24 hours is sufficient.

Saladmaster has made our family feel great. It has also provided a hobby that my wife and I can enjoy doing together. Thanks again for introducing us to the healthy ways of Saladmaster.

Sincerely yours,
Jim Thal




[This letter was given to us in 2000 by a gentleman who is a quadriplegic. His stepdaughter is also in a wheel chair due to a brain injury and because of the nature of the injury her nutrition is strictly monitored.]

To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased Saladmaster Cookware approximately four months ago, and I must inform you how pleased my wife and I are with the set! Our family is somewhat different in that both my daughter and I have disabilities. My wife and I operate a successful consulting practice from the home, and time management is very important to us. We have always endeavored to provide nutritional value for our daughter to thrive.

I must admit that when I was proposed that someone would come to our house and prepare a meal, I thought it was unusual; however, it ended up being a great experience! When the Saladmaster Representative prepared our meal, she emphasized three things. One was nutritional value, two was the cost savings, and three was the time savings we could expect. The Saladmaster Cookware provides the ultimate nutrition that our daughter requires! Since purchasing the cookware our daughter has grown three inches and proportionately gained the weight she needs for her height and age. My wife raves about how the cookware has made meal preparation and clean up a breeze. It has also allowed her to spend more quality time with the family. During our initial dinner, I was amazed at how the three of us could not finish two potatoes, and that there was the same amount “left over”. Using the Saladmaster Cookware has consistently saved thirty percent on our grocery bills!

The reason we agreed to have a dinner was to investigate ways to provide our family with good nutrition; however, we cannot ignore the time and cost savings we have experienced. The set was expensive; however, the costs will be quickly offset by the grocery bill savings!!

Dan Thompson





We’ve been cooking with Saladmaster for two years now. I got Saladmaster for the health reasons but what I truly love is that I can make my pasta sauces without having to stir. Now I am not tied to the kitchen stirring and making sure that nothing burns. And, instead of making the sauce all day like I used to, I just cook it on low for an hour or two and get the same results. I am Italian and we like to have big family gatherings. It’s so easy cooking the Saladmaster way and everyone loves the flavor of the vegetables and the sauces. Sauces not made with Saladmaster are not nearly as flavorful. I attribute this to never boiling the sauce and keeping all the minerals and natural flavor in the food. The other thing I love so much about cooking with Saladmaster is roasts. I never have to turn on that huge oven and heat up my whole house. And the fact that there is no shrinkage means I am saving a lot on meat costs. We have roasts all the time and my family raves about them. Saladmaster has not only improved our health but has made cooking so much faster, easier, and more flavorful. It is one of the best investments we have made. I only wish I’d seen it years ago. Thanks so much for introducing us to this fabulous health cooking system.

Josie Crawford








My Saladmaster cookware has been one of the best investments our family has ever made. I love that I can cook skinless chicken right on the hot pan without any oil. It’s such a good feeling knowing that I am feeding my kids such healthy food. I used to bake chicken in the oven with the skin on to keep in the juices, but I always felt guilty eating the skin. With Saladmaster I can cook delicious chicken and roasts, tender and juicy and not even miss the fat.

We’ve had out set for two years and it still amazes me how fast clean up is!

I love that once the food has reached temperature, I can turn the heat right down to minimum and save so much energy and cooking time. Soft-boiled eggs are incredible when cooked in Saladmaster and with NO WATER! I guess they’re “soft-cooked” not soft-boiled!

My husband used to compliment me on my cooking, but now he raves about it! Grandma’s recipes never tasted so good!

Mrs. Anne Laird




What a great opportunity to express my appreciation for my wonderful Saladmaster cookware!

I have had my set about 10 years, use them daily and as they clean up so easily, they still look like new! The quality of the meals and the enhance flavor of the food can’t be beat when cooking with Saladmaster. The food tastes better and is more nutritious for my family.

I really have to rave though about my favorite pot, the 4 Quart Roaster. In it I prepare our roasts, which always ends up perfect, to the delight of all. I prepare it as I was taught at the Cooking School, heating it to medium high, waiting until the paper towel browns, then browning the roast for about 10 minutes, adding lost of onions, cover and cooking for about 4 hours; it never seems to get overdone. Never using any water or cooking oils! Always delicious! Everyone always thinks they can make the best roasts until they taste mine! This pan alone was worth the money!

Linda Bredenhof




I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our Saladmaster and our cookware.

I have been making baby food and I am so happy to know that our baby is getting such incredible nutritional value in his vegetables and fruit. He loves his food!

I bought some commercial baby food so I could have the jars and I tried giving Willem the commercial baby food. He would not eat it! So I did a little taste comparison. Let’s just put it this way, I ended up throwing out the commercial food and just keeping the jars. There was no flavor, no color, just very bland, and you can imagine that with all the boiling and processing, there would be no nutritional value in the commercial food.

My only regret is that we didn’t have Saladmaster cookware when our other two children were infants.

Thanks again. Looking forward to your cooking school!!


Aundrea Palmer


Josie Crawford






I wanted to tell you that I had a twinge of buyer’s remorse after the party (as a marketing and economics major from a Big 10 university, I was very skeptical of the mark-up on your product). I woke up in the middle of the night on Saturday with that “Oh my gosh, what have we done?” feeling, so I got online to read some “reviews” of Saladmaster & also logged onto EBay to get the scoop on how much these items were selling for at “auction”. A few hours later, after close scrutiny and investigation, I emerged relieved as I found nothing but RAVE reviews from Saladmaster owners regarding the health benefits, and the ease and speed of preparation with their Saladmaster products.

The naysayers were mostly grumbling about its price tag, but not many of the grumblers actually owned any Saladmaster products. EBay also proved to be a wonderful resource as there were only 25 Saladmaster products for sale, and I didn’t feel like there were any bargains to be found there. By and large, people were mainly selling their ancient Saladmaster machines and their 1970’s electric skillets.

It was another reinforcement to me that people who buy these products and USE these products hang onto them for life. Thanks for letting me share.

Thanks for the show & we look forward to having our own.

Susan Andrews




I recently received my beautiful new quart sized replacement pan. I just wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate it.

It was the spring of 1961 when I bought my lovely set of Saladmaster Stainless Steel Cookware and I have used it constantly these thirty-one years. It has given outstanding service and is still beautiful to look at after all this time. I have been asked many times through the years if I have a new set because it still looks so pretty.

Thank you for a wonderful product that has helped us in quality and in beauty. It is good for many more years of use and I’m sure some of my grandchildren will be enjoying it on down the road when I no longer have a need for it.

With sincere appreciation,
Marie Tyson




I would NEVER consider cooking with any other product because:

1. The food tastes better. The SM cooking method and the quality product combines to make the results the very best possible. As you know I raised 3 sons and I’m sorry I didn’t have this product when they were much younger. I feel that even my youngest very picky son would have eaten much more had it been prepared in the Saladmaster products.
2. Even when a recipe overcooks I never have a problem getting the mess out of the cookware due to the quality of the steel used. In some cases just putting a lid on the ruined food is enough to lift the mess off the bottom of the cookware. In other cases (say burned on potatoes) a short soak with a little bit of plain old water is enough. The cookware always comes out good as new after a teeny scrub; no elbow grease required.
3. I’m quite health conscious as there has been a lot of heart disease in my family. Food can be prepared with none, or very little, of the fat products traditionally required. Therefore, Saladmaster cooking is healthier. You also retain more of the nutrients, as there’s no need for a bunch of water.
4. Last but not least is the well-made product. I invested a significant amount of money in this product. I have confidence in Saladmaster and that I’ll never need any other cookware.

Sheila MacLeod




We REALLY love the electric skillet. One of the biggest things we have noted, besides the joy of using it, is the ease of cleaning. Prior to Saladmaster, I was using oil so things wouldn’t stick and leaning would be easier. After Saladmaster, we have found that as soon as the pan cools enough, we add a cup of water and let it sit for a few minutes. When it comes time to wash it, everything almost cleans up with just pressure from the tap. A little swish with the dishcloth and it looks as nice and shiny once more.

We keep the electric skillet on top of the fridge. It looks good there and as it is in constant use anyway, it is easier to reach. To say that cookware has a personality might be a bit of a stretch, but when we wash it and place the lid back on it ‘talks’ (clicks) for a minute or two until it cools. It always causes a smile :)

David Kyle




What I like most about the Saladmaster Cookware is that when something does burn the flavor it does NOT go into the food. Yesterday my son burnt his supper. I was surprised he still ate dinner and said it tasted good. The clean up was also very easy.

My son also uses the Saladmaster Machine on a regular basis to make his salads. It is just the handiest tool!

I love the electric skillet. It keeps food warm for a long time after it is shut off, and is so handy for such a large variety of dishes. Thank You!

Florence Dotinga
Abbotsford, B.C.




When we accepted your invitation to cook a meal in our home for us, we were sure that your cookware would be nothing very different than what we were using. During the demonstration, you cooked vegetable without adding water to the pan, and they didn’t burn! Not only that, but they tasted much better than what we had been eating, and they didn’t shrink. Even though we were impressed with the taste and texture of the food, it wasn’t worth the money to switch cookware.

Then you showed us the articles about toxins that leach from aluminum and non-stick coatings. Yes, the pans that we had were aluminum with non-stick surfaces, but how could we know that the chemicals were actually getting into our foods? It was a sales-pitch, right? You didn’t fault our cookware as we watched you put baking soda and water into your pan and then into three of ours, all different. After boiling a few minutes, we tasted the water out of each. The Saladmaster pan tasted like baking soda; however, we couldn’t even swallow the water that came from our three pans. The chemical taste was awful! THAT was what made us decide to buy Saladmaster cookware. We gave you our order, then went on with our day.

That evening, we began doing some research on the internet and found that similar pans were available for a lot less money. We called and canceled the order, explaining why. You were very nice, and didn’t try to pressure us into keeping our order with you, but asked us to keep you informed of what we did decide to do.

Over the next two weeks, we did extensive research into waterless cookware, and finally decided to try one pan from a competitor. It advertised 7-ply construction and 304-surgical stainless steel inside and out as well as a ‘whistle’ indicator.

As soon as it came in, we did the pot test with it, and found it to be similar in taste to the Saladmaster pan. We tested the temperature inside the pan about twenty different ways, trying to make the temperature stay below 190 degrees like the Saladmaster pans do. We weren’t successful, but thought that Saladmaster’s pans would probably test about the same.

We also tried cooking the exact same vegetables in the pan, without water, the way you did. While they didn’t burn, they shrank quite a bit more than in the Saladmaster pan and had lost a lot of their flavors. The 7-ply construction was only on the bottom of the pan, it the form of a heat-sink plate.

Still not convinced that we had made a ‘lesser’ deal, we invited you to come test your pan side-by-side with ours. For an hour and a half we put both pans through every test we could think of. Both pans passed the post test and tasted fine. Both pans heated evenly across the bottom, but ours didn’t heat the sides evenly like Saladmaster.

Then you allowed us to test the temperature of the pan (again about twenty different ways) to see if Saladmaster performed the same way as the pan we had just purchased. Saladmaster’s pan stayed at 187 degrees every time while ours had to reach 212 degrees to create steam to activate the whistle.

The heat sink on ours retained the heat, so even after we turned it down the temperature inside the pan remained too hot for too long. Not once did you criticize our pan – it looked nice, felt heavy, looked to be good quality, and passed the pot test – but you let your pan sell itself.

The only reason that we even considered buying new cookware was for the health of our family. We felt that we were poisoning our children with our pans, and wanted to change as soon as we could to a healthier cookware. If we were purchasing pans to be able to cook healthier, killing the food by cooking it in our test pan certainly was counterproductive! While the pans resembles the quality of Saladmaster in some ways, when it cam to keeping the vitamins in the food by cooking with lower temperature, it wasn’t even close. True, the test pan was better than what we had been using, but it wasn’t using the best for our family.

We appreciate your patience and willingness to let us test and be sure that we were getting the best for the money we were spending. The pans came in today, and ours will go out tomorrow!

Jess & Karen Dale






Dear Saladmaster,

At the age of 21 years old, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and hypertension. One afternoon I went to emergency because it felt like my heart was going to explode out of my chest. They had given me a shot of Nitroglycerin to slow down my heart rate, which at the time was 145-150 beats per minute. I was put on anti-hypertensive heart medication twice a day… medications that can be harmful to other organs in the body. Me entire outlook was not all that great.

About three months went by and I was asked to come to a friend’s home for supper. They were supposed to have this wonderful new cookware that could help my health. Let’s say that I was a bit skeptical at the time. Anyway, I went to the dinner. By the end of the demo, I was sold on Saladmaster.

To this day, the cookware was one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Twelve years later, my health is excellent, my heart beats at a normal rate and my blood pressure is normal. Thanks to the way Saladmaster makes my food taste, I have totally cut salt out of my cooking. Without Saladmaster, I don’t feel that I would have made it this many years problem free. When looking at purchasing Saladmaster products don’t look at the dollar signs. My Saladmaster cookware has paid for itself by giving me my life back. Over the past 12 years, my Saladmaster has saved me $7,200 just in medication, not to mention the savings on my electricity bills. Once again THANK YOU Saladmaster.

Yours truly,
Calvin Tates



First of all I’d like to say I am “not an easy sell” type person.

I had no intention of buying new cookware when my son called me with a plea to use our kitchen for a Saladmaster presentation by Shawn MacLeod… I was not really interested, but thought it was worth a free dinner and it was a favor for the kids. Now that my husband and I area a household of two most of the time I fully intended to keep using my Revere ware and assorted other pots, some of which are very new additions of excellent quality received as gifts. I was OK for cookware.

I bought Saladmaster! It was everything they said. It is fast… I am impatient. I hate waiting for pots to come to temperature, to boil and cook. Saladmaster starts at medium heat, here it “click”, turn it down and moments later… VOLIA… it’s done and it’s healthy!

Clean up is so easy and fast! A big bonus for me in clean up is I have a glass cook top stove and used to end up with messy “boil over” when I was rushed. That never happens now because I get the “click” warning to turn the heat to low at the exact time… so no more stove top messes.

I am a health conscious person and also like good tasting food. I cannot bring myself to cook in any other pans anymore. I am prone to stomach upsets and bloating and that just isn’t an issue anymore. If you invite a Saladmaster host to do a dinner for you you’ll se why stomach pain isn’t a problem for me anymore when they do a simple baking soda test.

You’ll love your Saladmaster like I do if you give it a try. I guarantee it!

Marilynn Krause



My first contact with Saladmaster was when I was eleven years old when my mother bought a food processor in 1950. She is still using it today.

I have had a weight problem most of my life. I developed hypertension in 1987. As a result of the obesity, lifestyle, and stress after two divorces and losing my home in the famous tornado of 1991, my weight continued to increase.

In 1992 I purchased my Saladmaster set. I used it, but not to its full advantage until I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in August of 1996. At that time it was necessary to take multiple medications for both hypertension and diabetes. My weight at its peak was 315 pounds. It is now under 250 pounds and still going down. My waist size has decreased 11”, and I feel 100% better.

I am no longer on hypertension or diabetes medication. My blood sugar is controllable to normal levels through diet and exercise. With Saladmaster and learning healthy eating habits, I do not think that I could have made this amazing achievement.

Thanks Saladmaster!

Don Thomas




Dear Saladmaster,

As of a couple of years ago, Chris came to our house and sold us a large set of Saladmaster cookware. This cookware has changed our eating habits and has also extremely changed our health. We have lost weight and our cholesterol has dropped to normal. As due to my husband’s heart problems, high blood pressure, cholesterol levels were very high.

We strongly recommend that if anyone who has this problem should seriously invest in this cookware. It happens to be your life. We spent this money for our health and happiness. We thank Chris who introduced us to Saladmaster and to our health and happiness.

Thanks again,
Norman & Linda

Ps. I would not let anyone take my Saladmaster… it’s our life!




Thank you very much for introducing me to Saladmaster. Never before have I cooked so often for myself. They payoff has been a loss of 22lbs and a 67% decrease in my triglyceride levels.

Although it is very nice that my health has improved using the Saladmaster cookware, the main reason I cook so much now is because this stuff is so easy to clean! I know this sounds like a silly reason to cook healthy at home, but I really do not have a lot of time in the evening to worry about trivial matters such as cleaning dishes. I feel great and my kitchen looks like I eat out.

Just like the two of you, my time is consumed with helping people improve their life. I want you to know that I appreciate you helping me improve mine.

Bryan R. Daniel





This letter is in appreciation of your cookware.

In October of ’97, I suffered a heart attack and had open heart bypass surgery on January 20, 1998. We purchased your cookware in November ’97. In the two months using Saladmaster and eating healthier, the surgeon remarked that he was very surprised at the recovery of my heart muscles and arteries. They had a 35% resurgence of the 25% of my heart muscle that was damaged during my heart attack. The cardiologist attributed the remarkable recovery to the food retaining all of its nutrients and vitamins – minerals by preparing food the right way using Saladmaster Surgical Stainless Steel Cookware.

He was also an owner of Saladmaster for several years.

Thank you Shaun and Joe for showing my wife and I a healthier way of preparing food.


Lou Paul


More Testimonials

“After 15 years of being cancer-free, nutrition has become a passion to use and sharing my experience with people, letting them know they can heal and change their health is something I simply have to share. And Saladmaster is the perfect venue for me to share my passion for nutrition. In my Saladmaster presentations I can share and teach what I’ve learned through personal experience about overcoming illness.”  Isis Israel – Dealer


“We’ve been cooking with Saladmaster for two years now. I got Saladmaster for the health reasons but what I truly love is that I can make my pasta sauces without having to stir. Now I am not tied to the kitchen stirring and making sure that nothing burns. And, instead of making the sauce all day like I used to, I just cook it on low for an hour or two and get the same results. I am Italian and we like to have big family gatherings. It’s so easy cooking the Saladmaster way and everyone loves the flavour of the vegetables and the sauces. Sauces not make with Saladmaster are not nearly as flavorful. I attribute this to never boiling the sauce and keeping all the minerals and natural flavour in the food.

The other thing I love so much about cooking with Saladmaster is roasts. I never have to turn on that huge oven and heat up my whole house. And the fact that there is no shrinkage means I am saving a lot on meat costs. We have roasts all the time and my family raves about them. Saladmaster has not only imporved our health but has made cooking so much faster, easier, and more flavorful. It is one of the best investments we have made. I only wish I’d see it years ago. Thanks so much for introducing us to this fabulous health cooking system.” Josie Crawford – Saladmaster Owner



“I spent six wonderful years with Saladmaster.” Zig Zigglar, Internationally Renowned Author and Motivational Speaker